Canvas – Cheyenne/Sioux Style Tipis


18' tipi in the snow

18′ tipi in the snow



Marine finish boatshrunk cotton canvas covers a frame of poles supported by a tripod lashed together, characteristic of the Cheyenne and Sioux style tipis.
Tipi sizes 14′ through 17′ are pitched on a base of 12 poles, with 2 additional poles to control the smoke flaps.  The 18′ tipi is pitched on a 15 pole frame. Sizes are measured as the average diameter of the egg-shaped footprint.

Cover is reinforced at the bottom of the smoke flaps where they attach to the lacing pin strip, and from the tie flap to the smoke flaps with quick drying bias cut canvas strips.  Smoke flap poles sit in well-reinforced pockets attached to the smoke flaps.  The smoke flaps are reinforced with rope sewn into its hem at top and along its length.  Hand sewn buttonholes eliminate drips at the lacing pins.

Top and bottom of the lining attaches to each pole, eliminating the need for additional ropes or stakes, and allowing for a tight, tidy fit. An additional strip of cloth (of rot resistant acrylic “Sunbrella”) is added to the bottom of the lining to allow it to turn under at ground level, sealing out drafts. Painting of lining in traditional geometric (feminine) styles is available.


Inside – one piece 6′ tall lining


Door attachment minimizes leakage

Door attaches under a cape above the door opening, minimizing leakage.  Door is stretched wide to cover the opening with hand shaped wood pieces.  Attachments securely fasten door even in a blow.  Door opening size and height to first lacing pin can be adjusted somewhat to suit you.

Canvas used is 100% cotton duck, marine finish boatshrunk “Sunforger” – water repellent and mildew resistant.   Cover and Door are 12.63 oz. material, Lining is 10.1 oz.

15' tipi

15′ tipi

Tipi prices (as of January 2020) for tipi cover, one piece lining, door, and attached ropes:

       size         (A)             (B)

14′         $1050        $1075
15′         $1155        $1190
16′         $1250        $1290
17′         $1360        $1390
18′         $1465        $1505

(A)  “colorless” Sunforger (Marine Finish Boatshrunk 100% cotton canvas)  12.63 oz for cover and door, “colorless” 10 oz for lining, with Sunbrella “mud flap” attached to bottom of lining. (see the picture of 15′ tipi, above)

(B)  “suntan” Sunforger (Marine Finish Boatshrunk 100% cotton canvas)  12.63 oz for cover and door, “colorless” 10 oz for lining, with Sunbrella “mud flap” attached to bottom of lining. (see picture of 18′ tipi in the snow, above)

A “colorless” cover  will bleach white in the sun. I prefer the “suntan” color for cover and door, as it seems a better, tighter, cloth, so I recommend it. The 10 oz used for the lining is only available in “colorless”.

If you need flame resistant fabric, I will have to check additional material costs at time of order. Flame resistant canvas is only available in “colorless”.

Other sizes, please call for pricing.

An Ozan (dewcloth) attaches to the poles just above the top of the lining and shunts any drips falling onto it behind the lining to the ground. It also helps to contain the heat of your fire, keeping it warmer in winter. $130

Prices subject to change if canvas prices go up significantly.

Poles, lacing pins, rain sticks, smoke flap tie-off poles, bags and main rope are available at additional cost. Give us a call for price and availability.

my 15' tipi at National PowWow

tipi open at nationals

To order, for more information, and for payment information, call  or  text (828-361-3163) or email (  If you don’t catch us by phone, please leave a voice mail, and we will return your call.


9 thoughts on “Canvas – Cheyenne/Sioux Style Tipis

  1. Hello,
    I am a friend of Ben Kirkland. Bought a complete 16′ Panther tipi but the person can’t find the liner or door. Could you make me a liner? If so, what would be the cost?



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