Steel – Art of the Blacksmith


Iron Iris

See Tom Strode’s “garden variety” blacksmithing at  Sweetwater Tipi  at


Tom at the anvil

Scroll Tips at the anvil

Tom at the forge

Tom at the forge

rr spike knives

Railroad Spike Knives


Iron Cross – made from one railroad spike



Dragonfly Card Holder


Iron Bamboo



Iron Ivy


Steel Sunflower


Iron Rose


Iris Table

Iris Table


Blue Flag Iris


Iron Iris

Iron Bearded Iris

2 thoughts on “Steel – Art of the Blacksmith

  1. Hi, is the steel sunflower for sale (it’s our 11th wedding anniversary on 26/04, and steel is the traditional gift)? I’m in Cambridge, England – if it is for sale how big/heavy is it and how much would it cost to have it sent/shipped to England?
    With Kindest Regards,
    Colin Griggs.


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